Possible to connect directly?

I was hoping to control this via a Raspberry Pi while on battery power. To save power I was hoping there was a way to power/control it over USB. Also, it would be nice not to have to put it in local network “setup” mode each time. Is this possible or is there a way to make this possible?

Hi, The USB is power only unfortunately - the only way to control it is over WiFi. We do run Line-us a lot on battery - average current is around 120mA when not drawing and probably more like 300mA when drawing so a bit lower than you might expect. We run all day easily on a 5000mAh battery. How long are you looking to run for?

On the startup mode for the WiFi, yes you can configure Line-us to start in setup (‘Red’) mode. You just need to send the GCode M552 S2 to set it to start in setup mode. To go back to normal (i.e. start in blue mode) it’s M552 S1 There’s actually a third option M552 S3 that locks your Line-us in setup mode so that long pressing the button won’t make it go back to blue mode. I’m a bit behind with the GCode documentation but it will appear in the docs in the not too distant future. Am assuming from your post that you’ll know how to send the GCode, but if you need any help let me know.

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Sounds good. Excited to receive my unit and start playing. :slight_smile: