7 Line-us Drawbots in Class

I am using 7 Line-us drawbots in my creative coding class. We haven’t found a stable setup yet.

The drawbots don’t connect to our Enterprise Wifi, so we put them in maintainance mode and connected with their local Wifi. Unfortunately their SSID is the same and the student’s computer start roaming. Thus we never know on which table the drawing will be drawn. Funny but also a bit frustrating.

Is there a way to rename the default Wifi SSID via GCode?

Do you have another recommendation how to use several Line-us in class? We could setup a local hotspot.

Hi. Enterprise WiFi is a little tricky but a local hotspot is an option (it’s what we do for shows for example). However, using ‘red mode’ is also possible. If you’re running firmware v3 then they append their serial number to the SSID if Line-us-Setup is already in use. There’s a GCode to force that - M552 P1 so the first one that starts also has the serial number. To update the firmware you’ll need to connect the Line-us to a WiFi that has internet access and then connect to it with the App.

One other thing that might be useful, you can force the Line-us to come up in 'red mode - M552 S2 and to make them come up in red mode and disable the long press to get to blue mode M552 S3 to get back to normal M552 S1.

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks for the hints. But i think the local hotspot is the right way for longterm usage. That’s my setup now.

Now i’ve got 7 Line-us connected to a hotspot. Is there a way to set the Bonjour ID or the IP of the robot? Otherwise we would have to poke again in order to find out to which robot we are connected.

In the app i get a list of the robots names. But i need the Bonjour / IP in my drawing app and ScratchX.

The bonjour name is the name you give to your Line-us - so in the App go to settings and give each machine a unique name. For example, if you name a machine line-us-1 then the Bonjour name will be line-us-1.local

You can also set the name with a GCode - for example M550 Pline-us-1

I think that should solve your problem - let me know if not though.