Adding images....?

Hi, just been playing around with the app as waiting for my machine to arrive :slight_smile:
Is there (or will there be) a way of adding a photo or other images into the app so you can trace around? Rather than having to take a new picture everytime.
Thanks D

Hi David, At the moment the only way is to take a picture. Adding a photo is on the to-do list but we’ve been very focussed on getting public drawings, following and Scratch done so it hasn’t made it yet unfortunately. Our very lo-tech workaround is to display the picture on another device and take a photo of it! Your Line-us is on its way - should be with you early next week - I’ll keep an eye on it but let us know if you’ve got any more questions once it arrives.

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Hi, cheers Rob. Line-us arrived today :smile: Have emailed a question to Not sure if it’s worth sharing here so will wait for reply first :wink:

Now to give the inkscape a try :thinking:

Regards D

Let us know how you get on with Inkscape - It’s worth downloading the test drawing and the Line-us drawing area diagram so you get an idea of the coordinate system.

HI Rob, I can’t seem to access the inkscape site. Is there another way of downloading the extension?
Cheers Dave

Hi Dave, Apologies for the delay - I did reply but it looks like it didn’t get sent. The extension is also on our GitHub so if you still can’t get to the Inkscape site give that a try. There’s also a test drawing on the GitHub and a link to a diagram of the shape of the drawing space which is useful.

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the reply (you did reply already through email, so your minds not playing tricks on you :astonished:) I’ll try and stick to the forums from now on :grin:

Inkscape was back you for me a couple days ago and I had a quick play with the extension. It connected first time and managed a few drawings. Hope to have a more in depth try today. So be prepared for more questions :blush:

With this extension and the app itself I’d defiantly vote for a run through of what each button does. Maybe a video (unless I’ve missed one on YouTube) or even a diagram of the screen and a key for the the button function. (another kickstarter I backed) have a nice simple explanation.
Cheers again Dave

Ah, good to know I’m not losing the plot! There are a few videos on our help page - not sure whether you’ve seen them but a quick ‘cheat sheet’ for the buttons is a good idea. We’ll need to re-do quite a lot of the documentation for v2 of the app so makes sense to do it then.