Address for connection: "line-us.local" not working



I’ve gotten the Python demo to work, but only after replacing the “line-us.local” address with “”, which is the address that the Windows program was using. Is this IP static? Or is there something else I should put there?




The IP isn’t static so could change so it’s worth trying to get line-us.local working. The most likely cause is that mDNS isn’t installed on your PC - it isn’t as standard. You can download it from Apple (its confusingly called Bonjour print services)

Give that a try and let me know how it goes.


Worked perfectly with Bonjour, thanks!


That’s great - thanks for letting us know!


I am thinking about installation. I would like to connect three of the drawing robots to one pc computer (win10). Is it possible to connect them on three different ports or on three different IP addresses?