Address for connection: "line-us.local" not working



I’ve gotten the Python demo to work, but only after replacing the “line-us.local” address with “”, which is the address that the Windows program was using. Is this IP static? Or is there something else I should put there?




The IP isn’t static so could change so it’s worth trying to get line-us.local working. The most likely cause is that mDNS isn’t installed on your PC - it isn’t as standard. You can download it from Apple (its confusingly called Bonjour print services)

Give that a try and let me know how it goes.


Worked perfectly with Bonjour, thanks!


That’s great - thanks for letting us know!


I am thinking about installation. I would like to connect three of the drawing robots to one pc computer (win10). Is it possible to connect them on three different ports or on three different IP addresses?


Hi, since yesterday, i´m getting problems with connection with the same script that i was working with Line-us… do you know if this temporary?
“ line-us.local”
Thank you


It looks like a hostname lookup failure. The lookup is done by the OS when you’re using the API (we do it differently in the Line-us App) - are you on MAC or Windows? The other potential cause is something in the network - routers do sometimes stop forwarding multicast packets, and power line (ethernet over power lines) extenders seem quite prone to this. If you can, restarting your router and any extenders is worth a try. I’m assuming the light on your Line-us is solid blue, and you haven’t renamed it…?


I´m on a MAC, but i was let people install Line-us (app) in there smartphones and draw with my Line-us (machine) in a library… i checked and the name is diferent now… and not stay solid blue (flashing)…


I resolved it by changing “line-us.local” for line-us ip and it worked… but for a while, than stoped and started flashing blue/red …
Do you know why?

Thank you,


I think there might be two separate things going on here:

  1. Could you check the name of your machine in the app. Click on the Line-us icon:


Let me know whether it says connected or not connected, and what you get when you click on it. In the case below I’ve re-named my Line-us to line-us-rob, so you can either change to the new name - in my case line-us.local to line-us-rob.local or change the name back to line-us in Settings and keep your code the same.

Give that a try and let me know.

For the red flashing, it’s probably the notification for the Daily Drawing. There are two kinds of flash: A short red flash every 2 or 3 seconds means there is a drawing ready to draw (just press the button to draw it - there’s a bit more information here. If it’s flashing quickly blue/red it means a firmware update has failed - unlikely but if you power off/on the machine it will clear it.

On another note, have you changed the lift servo yet? I will put together some instructions today if you haven’t.