Animating with line-us

Below is from an email I sent to Eliza Wolfson about experimenting with animation. I love drawing but do not have much experience of animation. Please let us know if you have better ways to use Line-us to animate.


I did a bit animation where I wanted to re-use parts of drawings just changing legs.

Hope this helps. Let me know if it makes sense. I should probably do a little video about using erase and the temp layer. Its really hard to write down.

Draw a character and saved it.
Click on the blue temp layer and draw a new leg position in blue lines over the original drawing.
Click on the blue temp layer again to make it go invisible and I now see the original drawing.
Now set pen to “Erase” and remove the leg that I don’t want ( toggle quickly between eraser and pen by tapping on very top left icon that says “Drawing”)
Clicked on the blue “Temp Layer” to see drawing with new leg and press merge layer.
Now saves this image with “Add Page”.
and repeat

Hope this makes sense.

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I think this way of animating makes sence. I did a short video, showing a way of doing straight ahead, frame by frame animation. I dont have a line us yet. But it would be nice to see the animation drawn somehow.

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Yes, this is great - like a one level onion-skin. Just one tip that might speed things up - if you double tap on the pencil icon:
… in the drawing space it will clear the current drawing and is a bit quicker than going to the erase tool on the right.