App not connecting to Line-us on Windows 10


I’ve got Line-us connected and working on Android and iOS, but cannot get the app to connect to Line-us on Windows 10. The computer is on a LAN to a wireless router and has no Wifi interface. Bonjour Print Services is installed, and I can ping line-us.local and telnet into it on 1337, so I have network connectivity, but the app stolidly refuses to show as connected. Any ideas?

FWIW on the same machine booted into Linux, the app worked out-of-the-box under Wine.


Bit of an unusual one but could be a windows firewall issue - could you try turning it off and seeing if it works:

  • Go to Settings/Network&Internet/Windows Firewall
  • Click Public Network
  • Switch Windows Defender Firewall off

Not a solution obviously but if it works we can sort out the firewall config.


I could connect immediately upon rebooting into Windows to disable the firewall - I didn’t have to turn off the
firewall. My suspicion is that the app was using a cached DNS lookup result for line-us.local from before I had installed Bonjour Print Service, without having restarted Windows. Is that plausible? If you like I can try to repro this, uninstalling Bonjour.


Good news that you got it working.

The App uses dns-sd to find the Line-us and then connects using the IP address advertised so is a separate mechanism to the mDNS .local mechanism that ping uses (and dsn-sd is implemented directly in the App not Bonjour Print Services). Because of this installing BPS shouldn’t make a difference to the App. If you have time it might be interesting to uninstall BPS and confirm that.

Other than that, it’s a little difficult to diagnose - maybe see how it goes and if it happens again let me know.