Arm broken - Drawings?


Dear all,
one of our Line-us robots broke its arm. Are you maybe providing the drawings of the arm in order to laser-cut a new one? We’ve got a workshop on Wednesday.


Which arm is it? Could you send a photo?


coincidentally, i just noticed i broke an arm as well. going to try some super glue but is it possible to order a replacement part as well? i broke the long “main” arm w/ the pen holder.


@beardicus I’ll put on in the mail to you. Just one thing to bear in mind when replacing it - it’s best to push the bearings out of the main arm leaving them on the pins on the short arms. The fit on the pins is quite tight so it’s difficult to get them off without breaking the pins. I’ll send you the complete assembly anyway but it’s a bit more complicated to replace the complete arm assembly. Same address as your original order?

@emnullfuenf Let me know which one is broken for you - happy to also send a replacement but if you need it more urgently you should be able to cut one.


thank you… it broke right on one of the pivot points and my epoxy repair attempt has already failed. :frowning:

same address would be wonderful. thanks again, i appreciate it.


@beardicus Just posted this morning so will be with you in about a week all being well.


The joint on the upper arm is broken. Here’s an image.

We managed the workshop with 4 bots and a uArm.


@emnullfuenf Thanks for the photo. That’s a reasonably complicated repair as you have to separate the two orange parts of the U section to get the arms off from the servo. If you’re up for giving it a try I can send you the arm, or you’re welcome to send the machine back to me and I’ll repair it here. Let me know either way.