Can Line-Us print a saved drawing not created on it?

Hiya, I’m not having much luck with the tracing option, I’d like to print a previously saved drawing (scanned hand drawn png) on it without tracing it.

Is this possible? Or are there any software packages that let you print from it?

Thanks for your help.


Or can it trace the image for me without me having to draw on top of it?

Did you figure this out?

Nope I’ve no idea how to and have looked everywhere so guess I can’t

@LondonTown, I think I have a way to do exactly this. I wrote a program that can take an hand drawn scanned image and convert it to something that Line-us can use.

For example I can start with this scanned drawing:

(post continued below because I’m a new user and can only have one image per post…)

The image is processed and directly turned into lines that can be sent to the Line-US. Here is animation of the resulting lines (you can see directly that the coordinates should correspond to the Line-US drawing area).

If you’re interested I can share the code.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet tested the code on Line-us because I don’t have one, yet. I ordered one this week so maybe next week I can actually try it out. In theory it should work well though, and draw similar to how its drawn in the animation.

Wow that would be amazing. How can I get it to work? Thanks so much for helping.

Are you okay with command-line stuff? If so I can add you to the Github repo.

If not, I was planning on making a little website that can do this via a drag-and-drop image…so if that’s easier let me know. I was planning on making such a website to also make my life easier, but if it helps someone else that’s great.

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Actually, if its not too much trouble, I’d love if you (or anyone else) could test out my final gcode… Here is a link to my final gcode for that image above:

I think it will work, but I’m not sure… Would be really interested to know if it does or doesn’t. My Line-us is still in the mail, and might take another week or two to get here, otherwise I would try myself!

I had to add a newline after each GCode, but other than that it looks good. Just in case anyone else wants to give it a try, after adding the newlines I just pasted it into a nectar session (nc line-us.local 1337).

Hopefully your Line-us will be with you soon!

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@rob THAT is SO COOL! I’m so excited that it worked. I did add newlines into the GCode now, so hopefully it is better now.

I’d really like to get my hands on the device before releasing the code. I’m sure there are bugs and I need a chance to find them before I disgruntle everyone who uses it :slight_smile:

Though, for brave souls, in the meantime I made a simple frontend for the code: Please use it with caution, since I’m still not sure it will work. Basically you can use it to upload any scanned image and fiddle some parameters to get some GCode and example images back. Here’s when I ran that previous image. Right now the dimensions are hard-coded to the Line-Us but in theory it will work with any dimensions. Later I can add that in. Also I think its possible that the website can connect directly to Line-Us (via websockets) so I think I can add that in too (though I think there may be a permissions issue for cross-origins…we’ll see!).