Cannot enter Wifi Password with special characters

Hi, I’ve been trying to set up my device, but my wifi password has dashes in them “-” and when I try entering them on the mac or iPad it doesn’t seem to add them and thus won’t successfully connect to the network.

Please help.

Hi @tobystereo - yes, there’s a problem in the App with passwords with hyphens, but we do have a workaround to get your Line-us configured. You’ll need to do this on your Mac:

  1. Power on your Line-us and long press the button to get into ‘Red Mode’. The light will flash Red.
  2. On your Mac, connect to the Line-us-Seup Wifi. There’s no need to run the App at this point.
  3. Start the Terminal application on your Mac. Its in Applications/Utilities, or just type Apple-Space and type Terminal. You’ll see a window like this:
  4. Now type the following

nc 1337
M587 S"Your-WiFi-Name" P"Your-WiFi-Password"

Use your actual WiFi name and password, and you should include the " marks.

Your Line-us should then give a wave and connect to your WiFi. Let me know how it goes.

That worked, thanks!

Great! Thanks for letting me know.