Clone Line Media Corrupted

The issue I’m facing on clone Line app is that when I delete some media (photos or videos) from my mobile, they (deleted media) show up as corrupted files on clone Line application i.e. when I try to share media on chat or upload as a status or change my profile or cover photo and try to upload, the media that has been deleted show as corrupted media (thumbnail with “?” icon).
It works normally with normal Line app (non-clone version). The issue is with the clone app only.
I’ve figured a get-around fix for this issue. I go to file manager of my mobile, and then go to DCIM, and in DCIM folder, I manually delete the folders that result in corrupted file appearing in line app i.e. if I downloaded any media from Facebook, and then deleted that Facebook media from my mobile, and that media showed as corrupted in clone Line app, I have to manually delete the empty folder of Facebook in DCIM folder in order for the corrupted media to disappear from my clone Line application.
Please support me in finding a proper fix for this issue.

My mobile: Realme 7 Pro

OS: Realme UI 2.0 Adroid 11 Latest version

Hi, Not quite sure I understand what you mean by clone Line-us app?

thanks, …rob

We can create a copy of an app in Andoid OS called the clone app of the original app. In this way, we can have 2 line applications on a same smartphone with different accounts on those apps, one being the original app and the other one being the copy (or clone) of the original app. I’m facing the issue on clone (copy app) line application only while the original line app works fine. Hope you understood.

I see. You can log in to more than one account at the same time int he Line-us app. Just go to the Login tab and click Existing User. You can then log in as the second user and switch between the accounts by tapping on the user icons in the green bar.