Controlling Line-us remotely?



Wondering if there’s any way to connect to Line-us from a different Wifi network? I’d like to be able to send drawings to my family when I’m traveling (I would be connected to the internet and so would Line-us, just not the same network).


Might not be private but could you make book for your Line-us /family to follow and when you add a new drawing it would flash red (like the advent calendar does)?
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Thanks for the reply. So to make sure I understand what you’re saying, I should create a sketchbook and then when I add a new drawing Line-us will alert them by flashing red? Would they see the drawing in the app first, or could they just press the button on Line-us?



I think the way it works is that you create a sketch book and add drawings. Whoever is following the book will receive an alert (flashing red) that a new drawing is available. I think they can view the whole book in their Line-us app and print whatever they want. As a surprise if their following the book they can just set the line us away to see the drawing/message appear.

Just to say again that the book won’t be private, anybody can follow you if they can find you and can be searched for by user or most recent drawing.

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Thanks @ddoes - yes, that’s how it works. It doesn’t have to be a public sketchbook actually so you can keep it private. I think @hcomet wants to send to their own machine when away from home, so just create a sketchbook, make it private in the Public/Share tab if you want:



Then, with your Line-us connected, and the new Sketchbook connected click the follow icon:


and click to follow it:

Then, when you save into the sketchbook the light on your Line-us will flash and you can press the button to draw.

What you’re suggesting is exactly how we were hoping people would you the follow feature so do let us know how you get on!



Cheers, forgot about that public/private option when creating the book :blush:
Cheers D


No problem- new Sketchbooks are public by default now but you can still change them to Private or Share them with individual other users


This is so helpful and exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for the replies!