Device won’t turn on

I connected the USB to a portable charger, it worked and everything was just fine. However after some time it suddenly stopped working now whenever I plug it into any sort of USB input it just won’t turn on (the button on top won’t light up or anything).

Also now when I connect it to my Mac my Mac gives me a notification saying “Unplug the device using too much power to re-enable USB devices.”

Hi @ahmed. Could you try a different USB cable and if that doesn’t help let me know.

Tired everything. The area under the button is getting hot though.

Looks like it might be faulty unfortunately. Could you drop us an email at we’ll get a return/replacement arranged for you.



I emailed you guys. Thank you.

By the way just to let you know this was a gift from my friend (he was in London and he brought it here to my country). I can provide more information confidentially.