Direct USB / Serial connection?

Dear all,
i am still having problems connecting all seven Line-us reliable in my class in the University network.
Is there a way to connect directly via USB / Serial connection?

If not: Is there a way to override the controller? There is an image of an Arduino board hoked up to the Line-us on the website:


Hi Michael,

Unfortunately there’s no way to use the USB - only the power pins are connected. In the photo we’re just using the Arduino to directly control the servos - you can do this but there would be quite a lot of programming involved to make it do anything useful.

What are the problems you’re seeing on the network though - do the line-us remain connected to the network (do the lights stay solid blue or do they flash)? Are you using the API or the App? If you’re using the API which language. One thing that might be worth considering is using the websocket API if you’re not already.

Let me know a bit more detail and we’ll see if we can get it working over the network.