Draw from a file stored in memory

Hi again,

I have been playing around with my line-us and the python API for a couple of hours, and it is now happily covering paper with trochoids, making it a nice techie version of the spirograph I used to play with when I was a kid.

It now seems I am stuck with a very basic thing: I used GCODE M28 and M29 to store a sequence of G01 commands in the internal file 3. I am seeing my file when issuing an M20 GCODE, but I cannot find the proper GCODE to tell line-us: “draw whatever you have stored in file number X”. M23 is the closest I could find in the doc, but it does not do exactly what I want (or I was not smart enough to understand its usage). Pressing repeatedly the button in blue or red mode does not help. My files does not appear in the app interface either.

Is it possible to programmatically tell line-us to draw the content of a file stored in its internal memory ?



HI @sebhz. We didn’t put in a GCode to draw from memory. The thinking was that if you’re connected to the API you can just send the GCode - do you have a use case where it would be helpful to be able to draw form memory via the API?. M23 does do quite a lot, but the default is that it will draw on a button press when in red mode. The drawing numbers have to be contiguous though - so if you have only the default drawing (which is drawing 1) and drawing 3 you’ll only get drawing 1. Try saving to drawing 2 and see if that helps.

Thanks - I’ll try this.

I do not have any real need for this - I was just playing around with the API.
Since I saw one can save up to 32 scripts in internal memory, I guess the idea is to store there your favorite drawings, or a set of demo drawings that you could recall through button push (M23 default). Since the API was there to store, it made sense to me that one would want to retrieve what was in those files, or ask Line-us to execute from its internal memory - since the firmware code to do this is obviously there already. If this does not exist - no problem, I can live with it !

Thanks a lot for your fast answer.