Drawing Area Shape

Hi! I just drew my first sketch over the gcode API and it’s lovely. :slight_smile: Very well documented, really a joy to work with. I have a question though about the following sketch:

You can see the way the Line-us is aligned; this is the source image I am trying to plot. The sketch should basically fill the whole safe drawing area I took from this document, so the lowest line line should be from [800, -900] to [1700, -900] and the highest line (the one furthest away from the camera) should be from [800, 900] to [1700, 900].

Is it normal for the drawing area to be bent like this? And if yes, is there any good for estimating where exactly it’s going to end up? (Other than practice :))


Looks like you might need to re-calibrate: https://www.line-us.com/help.html#11 Let em know if it helps!

This looks a lot better:

While I’m still kind of worried that I damaged it when sending it coordinates out of range I might also just be happy accept the imperfection as part of the appeal. :slight_smile:

Yes, looks a lot better. You shouldn’t be able to do any damage by sending out of range co-ordinates if you’re running firmware 1.0.2 or later. Actually even with early firmware the chance of actually doing any damage was very small!

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