Feeling a bit lost

I received my line-us robot this week and unboxed last night but aside from using the app, I can’t seem to do anything. I feel a bit lost.

I’d like to have a go with Scratch but I follow the instructions and it just goes to the scratch page, I don’t see anything to do with Line-us?

I wondered if the firmware is up to date too? I can see the message to download but it doesn’t seem to do anything, just sort of restarts the robot? There is a line next to the download button:
2.0.4 Oct 8 2018 11:47:49 (is this the release installed or to download?)

The thing I really want to do is use artwork I have already created rather than the app. I have little experience with programming software but reading the pages before ordering, I figured it would be a little clearer where to start.

Hi, Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’ve just check out the Scratch link and also saw the problem. I’ve just made a change and the link from line-us.com/scratch should work now. You will probably get a pop-up or button saying something like ‘Click to run Flash’. I’ve also changed the scratch.line-us.com link but that will take a while to update so stick to the one from the homepage for now.

You’re running the latest firmware on your Line-us (the version shown is the version installed, so 2.0.4 in your case) so you’re fine there.

For the import take a look at Import of existing drawings - that should be enough to get you started but let m know if you have any more questions.