Icing with Line-us

In March I had a few goes at icing with Line-us. It was good fun and I spent a Sunday getting it to work. There is quite a lot of potential and once I got it going it was easy to repeat the same lines.
This is what I tried:
Royal icing sugar mixed it to a paste. I put some extra icing glycerin in to the mixture to help it flow.
Silicone tubing that is very flexible with 3mm diameter hole. Would like to try other diameters.
A syringe to push the icing, tried big 100ml and small 10ml. It was connected to the tubing with a Luer Lock and female Luer Lug with a barb. Have a look on ebay.
At the Line-us end of the tubing I used an empty pen tube as the nozzle .

The hardest thing was stopping the icing from flowing when Line-us lifts. Need to pull back on the syringe a bit.

Have started to make a prototype piece that stops the flow in the tubing when line-us lifts. needs more time and work.
These were my first ones that started to work and then I did about 40 biscuits.