Increasing Cam Size

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to increase the cam size? I am trying to mount Line-us to work at varying heights with a stack of paper. It looks like the rails have space and a 3D printed cam could be implemented. I was wondering if the motor can supply enough torque or any other unforeseen issues. Thanks!

We haven’t tried it but I can’t see any major problem - we’re well within the torque spec for the servo with our setup. You might consider using some weaker springs to reduce the down-force and we have used a small nylon or (better still) PTFE shim user the cam to reduce friction. The shim does help quite a lot - DM me your address if you’d like me to send you one.

The worst that can happen is that the lift servo fails and they aren’t difficult to replace - it’s an Emax ES08A and they cost around £4. I’ve just posted the guide here and this will help you fit your new cam too.

One other thought we’ve had is to use a mechanism similar to a napkin dispenser - mounted horizontally of course.

Let us know how it goes!


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