Inkscape Template

Hello, I’ve been trying to use Line-us primarily to go from Processing vector exports to Line-us plotting.

I export my sketches from Processing via PDF format, which I then import into Inkscape and use the LUS extension to print to Line-Us. The problem I’m facing is that I can never tell how to position and place the art work on the canvas for ideal printing.

In most cases, Line-Us attempts to draw elements that are far beyond it’s drawing radius, and spends an awful lot of time hanging around the edge, moving around and drawing dots towards the edges. In some cases, the artwork is much smaller than seen on screen, or it only draws a part of it.

Is there a template, or a way to position artwork in Inkscape to ensure that I can crop out extra elements, and ensure that I can predict exactly how it will look like from the screen itself? I tried playing around with document that shows the extents of the printer, but that doesn’t seem to help.

Any suggestions?

It might be worth considering plotting directly from Processing - there’s an example of how to talk to Line-us from Processing here

I see. This would be a solution, but would take time to convert my older sketches to this. I’d rather try and perfect the Inkscape to Line-Us workflow.

The Line-Us SVG tool is also quite buggy and the Inkscape solution is the only one that works so far.

Any plans to include SVG/PDF functionality within the desktop app? Would be great to try out an alpha/beta version if there are any in development.