iOS app update?

Hi there! I just got a Line-us - I’ve been playing with a Brachiograph, and a friend told me about this device.

Is there an chance of the iOS app being updated for a modern version of iOS? currently I’m running it on iOS 16 and the app doesn’t fit the whole screen, things are poorly sized and it doesn’t work brilliantly with a password manager, etc.

I’m genuinely excited to see the hackability / API and other things available here, so if the app source is available and I just can’t see where it is, I’m happy to build myself a version with a newer iOS SDK, too…

ping @Line-us any thoughts on this one / releasing the source for the iOS app?

bumping @Line-us @lineusbot as I am experiencing the same issues

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @lineusbot display help.

Hi, The app is written in Adobe AS3/Air unfortunately so not quite so straightforward. Adobe has given up on the Air runtime and sold the rights to a 3rd party who is charging quite a lot to license the current version. Ideally we’d port to a more modern language rather than invest in old tech but slightly on the fence as to the best direction. At least we need to support iOS and Android although it would be nice to be able to offer desktop versions.

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oh that unfortunate!

the equivalent and more modern of Air is Google Flutter

it’s free and extremely cross device
when I was working there I engaged with that team quite often and they care - the same can’t be said about Adobe subscriptions…