Is 3.0 the latest firmware version?


I recently reconnected my old line-us on my network (it had been gathering dust for several years, yes I know, a shame) - and was prompted by the App (Android) to upgrade the firmware. I accepted, but found the process to be oddly fast…

Line-us is working fine. I am using the python library to play around, and it seems I have the 3.0 firmware version:

>>> my_line_us.get_hello_string()
{'VERSION': '3.0.0 Feb 10 2019 10:25:48', 'NAME': 'line-us', 'SERIAL': '990415'}

Yet the python library doc (, shows a 3.2 firmware seemed to exist at some point from Nov 22nd 2019.

Can you confirm that the 3.0 is actually the latest one ? And if not is there a way to force-upgrade the FW - the app will not ask me again for an update.



Hi @sebhz Yes, 3.0.0 is the latest production firmware. 3.2.0 is a beta we put together for a specific use case and hasn’t been generally released. Good luck with your Python experiments and do let us know if you have any questions.