Java connection issue


i’m constantly getting this error; line-us.local

now i can’t do anything with scratch or processing etc. since i can’t connect line-us

to anything. i tried to find a solution but nothing is working out so far…


I don’t know about Java but in scratchX line-us.local doesn’t work for me I have to replace it with the IP address of the line-us.
I use an app called Fing to find the IP address of the line-us it starts with ESP.

Hope this helps.

i figured it out, for some reason line-us.local doesn’t work so well, it was
working fine a week ago, strange, anyways… thx

Hi, Using the IP address is a good workaround for now but I’d like to try to get to the bottom of this one as a few people have reported problems. The problem is with the hostname lookup which is being done by the OS (i.e. macos or windows) using mDNS (bonjour). mDNS uses multicast packets and I have seen problems with some PowerLine range extenders (Netgear definitely and I think TP-Link) where they just stop forwarding multicast packets - a re-start of the extenders makes it work again, at least for a while. I have very occasionally see the same thing on routers, so again a re-start is worth a try. It would be really useful to know what router you’re using, any range extenders etc. and whether a re-start helps.

The other thing is that if you’re on Windows you need to have Bonjour installed, and potentially there could be issues caused by firewall/AV software so again good to know the OS you’re using and what AV/Firewall you’re running.

hey, in my case a restart of the router didn’t work, also turning firewall on/off made no difference. i’m using a mac btw, the router is from a company called UPC, which is i guess the most common one in germany, austria and switzerland, also happy new year!