Line-us Advent Calendar

We’re launching the Line-us Advent Calendar today. Here’s a peek at the first drawing, with a little hand colouring to make it even more festive!

If you’re running the latest firmware on your Line-us and haven’t changed the folder you’re following (more later on what to do if you have) you’ll get the new drawing automatically. Every morning at 7am London time the light on your Line-us will start to flash - just press the button to draw the advent drawing.

If you’ve missed a drawing click on ‘Published’ in the stream page (click the blue dot) and look for Advent Calendar. Each day’s drawing will appear there in the evening so you can catch up.

If you’re not getting the advent drawing flick on ‘Follow’ in the app and make sure you’ve selected ‘Daily Drawing’

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We’re loving the Line-us Advent Calendar, but it’s arriving about 2 days late for us. We just got “7” last night (Approx. 7 pm the evening of the 9th, Central Time US). Is there any way to catch up?

Thanks! Great you’re enjoying it. The reason you’re not getting the right day is that you’ve subscribed your machine via the publication rather than the daily drawing. If you click the Follow icon and scroll down to ‘Follow a different skecthbook’:

Click on Follow next to ‘Daily Drawing’ and you should get the right one. It’s published at 7am London time so should be there for you first thing until about 1am. If you want to draw any you’ve missed just go to the ‘published’ tab in the drawing feed and click on View Book next to the Advent Calendar.

Let me know how it goes…

Just a bit more detail on how it all works if you’re interested (but skip this bit if you’re not!).

If your machine follows a regular Sketchbook (yours, one shared with you or the Daily Drawing) then the light on your Line-us will flash when a new drawing is added to the Sketchbook, and that’s the sketch that will be drawn. This is great for things like the advent calendar, but we also wanted a way to have a Sketchbook where anyone who follows starts at the beginning and gets one drawing a day - useful for things like sketches that tell a story for example. So, we created publications. All you need to do to create a publication is the end the name of the sketchbook with ‘:-)’. You can use it like a regular sketchbook, but it will appear in the ‘Published’ part of the drawing feed and behave as described when machines follow it.

I didn’t realize the distinction, and was following the Advent Calendar publication instead of using Daily Drawing, as you said. It’s working great now (we got #11 this morning). Thanks!