Line-Us connected but not drawing

Hi, I’ve got my Line-Us all set up and connected to the wifi. It’s ready to go and keeps doing it’s arm move to say it’s ready. The light is solid blue and I have done a drawing. But when I click ‘play’ the icon just goes red and then does nothing. i have managed to get it to draw once, but not again. I have set it up on multiple devices and tries multiple drawings from other sketchbooks but it still isn’t working. Any tips on how to resolve this?

I’d suggest trying a different power supply for your Line-us as a first step. The Apple ones are generally good, or powering from a laptop is another option. If you’re still having problems maybe you could send a video showing the Line-us and the App on the device to

Hiya, I have tried it connected to two laptops and a power bank. I’ll email you a video.