Line-us flashing red even though connected and working fine

For some reason my Line-us is flashing red despite the fact it is connected to Wifi and receiving commands just fine. Any ideas? I’m on the latest firmware.

This is a new feature - Line-us is telling you that there’s a drawing waiting to be drawn. Press the button and it will draw it for you - there’s a new drawing every day.

By default Line-us is subscribed to our daily drawing feed - if you click on the ‘Follow’ button in the App you can make it follow any sketchbook - one of yours, one someone’s shared with you or a Public one. You can also turn it off completely by clicking the un-follow button.

Hope that makes sense, but let me know if you have any questions. …rob

Hi Rob,

I’m experiencing this too and unfortunately pressing the button only makes it “wave” its arm weirdly.

See video for more context :slight_smile:

Thanks for the line-us! It’s fantastic

Hi @alvin The arm wave is normal - it’s a gesture to show that the button press has been recognised but it should start drawing. I’m assuming you’re following the Daily Drawing feed, but could you confirm? Just click the Follow button and it will tell you:

Could you also let me know the serial number of your Line-us - drag the menu to the left and click Settings:

and you’ll see it down the bottom.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for the prompt response!

Clicking the “follow” button opens up this screen:

I’m also about to send you the serial number.

Hi @alvin Thanks for sending that through - I meant the Follow button on the main menu though:

If you could send that that would be great.