Line us stops in the middle of a drawing

Hi all,

My line us stops in the middle of a draw most of the times and return home, also when start the draw its stops with the pen down 2-3 seconds then returns the drawing. Any ideas about what might be? I’ve already reset it to factory settings.


Please let us know exactly how you are drawing? For example, using the Android app to draw, or using a coding API etc. It will help us figure it out.

Hello Jonny,

Sorry for the missing info, I’m using IOS App with iPad Pro, and I have the last version of the app.

Best regards


Hi @leash welcome to the forum! A couple of things to try:

  1. Could you try a different power source for your Line-us? Generally the Apple chargers work well (as long as they are genuine Apple ones) or if you’re already using an Apple one try powering from a laptop.
  2. Could you try moving the Line-us and iPad closer to your WiFi router just to check whether it’s a signal strength problem.

If neither work could you post a video of what it does as sometimes that gives us a clue.

thanks, …rob