Line-us won't connect


My new Line-us won’t connect to wi-fi.

I have tried via app and PC but no luck. I can get to the point where I’m asked for my wi-fi password, but then at best the red dot on the app flashes green for a couple of seconds but no connection is established and the line-us flashes blue without making a connection.

Occasionally I get prompted to udpate the firmware but am unable to do this.

Any suggestions please?

many thanks!

Hi, Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Probably the best thing to try is a factory reset and then reconfiguring the WiFi:

  1. Hold down the button while powering on the Line-us. Keep it pressed until the light flashes red very quickly. Then unplug the Line-us.
  2. Power Line-us up again, go into red mode and add the WiFi.

Let me know how that goes - also, if you’ve created a Line-us account in the app then it would be helpful to know your Line-us username.

many thanks,



Unfortunately this didn’t work. Is there anything else I can try?

Many thanks, Alastair


Could you try a different power supply - the Apple ones generally work well, or alternatively try powering Line-us from a computer. Also, if you haven’t already try moving Line-us close to your router to see if it’s a range/interference problem.

If that doesn’t help would it be possible to send a video of what happens, and also let me know the make/model of your router.



Hi there,
I am having the same issues, trying to connect it with my windows laptop (tried to connect it via usb with the laptop, and did factory reset…still wont connect to it)
Thanks for your help!


The most likely cause is that mDNS isn’t installed on your PC - it isn’t as standard. You can download it from Apple (its confusingly called Bonjour print services)

Give that a try and let me know how it goes.

Hi, I also can’t connect to my WiFi. First weirded Problem is that as soon as I type a dash in the password the whole password gets selected so I need to touch the password first to deselect it so not to type over it… I ended up pasting the password from a text file. But no success, reset the line-us, still no luck, it will still go straight to blue flashing after pressing connect… any ideas? Thanks.

Hi Rolf - that’s really odd! I’ve tried here and see the same thing so it’s clearly a problem with the app. It’s probably a simple fix (I’ll take a look tomorrow) but the process to get the app stores updated takes some time unfortunately - are you on iOS or Android? An option to get you up and running more quickly (as you’ll only need to configure the WiFi once) is for me to put together a little script to set up the WiFi using the Line-us API, or even send over some instructions to do it using telnet if tat’s something you’re familiar with…? You’d need a MAC or Windows machine…

Is it possible that this bug still exists? My WLAN password also has a “-” as well as a “.”

@Line-us my bot is already 2 Weeks old and im not able to connect. Please provide some help. Otherwise, i have to report a complaint to PayPal. Sorry Guys but we need some help here.

@Line-us is there an Update on the WiFi Password Problem? :pray: