Lost sketch book

Hi there.

Playing with the app I seem to have managed to delete a sketch book (oops). Not my own but one of the user shared books. How can I find it again?


Sorry - bit more information. It was one of the original books that appeared when you started the app. Next to the ‘selfies’ book.

Hi @matt - that would have been the ‘Open Book’. You can easily re-add it:

Click the blue dot to get to the public drawings page. At the top click the arrow next to Search Username

to get to Search Book Title, then type in open book…

click ‘View Book’ and then you can click Add Book

and it will appear in your sketchbook list again.

You can also use this to discover new Sketchbooks form other users!

Ahha! By Jove you’re right! Thank you for such detailed instructions.