Recommended external power bank capacity?


I know this isn’t FAQ-related, but FAQ wasn’t a selection option in the drop-down. I’m assuming the Admin will move it to FAQ.

What is the suggested/recommended capacity for a power bank that will be used to drive Line-us?


The most important thing to look for is the output current rating (rather than capacity), Line-us works best with power banks with 1A or greater. You’ll see something like Output DC 5V 1A. Once you’ve got that sorted out the capacity will tell you how long you can draw for. If you divide the capacity by 250 that will give you a rough estimate in hours, so a 5000mAh battery will give you about 20 hours or drawing fun!

It’s worth getting a good quality battery - we’ve occasionally had issues with really cheap ones. Our favourites are the Anker ones - I use this one and it lasts for ages!


Excellent! A perfect response that tells all of us what to look for. My Line-us arrived late yesterday so I’m looking forward to weekend fun!