Replacement Arm

Hi There,

Is it possible to purchase a replacement arm and fit it yourself? I’m based in London UK so could even pick up from a local address.



Yes, definitely. It’s a complete dis-assembly of the Line-us to fit it and you’ll have to re-calibrate but if you’re up for it I can get you an arm. Worst case it all goes wrong and you can just send me the machine to fix. I can post one or if you’re around Clerkenwell we could arrange a distanced pick-up.

Brilliant thanks @rob any info on dissassembley and recalibration so I can judge against my ineptitude?

Happy to pedal to wherever you are to get the arms or drop off the kit (assuming i spoon it)


I don’t have instructions for arm replacement at the moment but the lift servo ones will give you an idea. To replace the arm you have to do most of this, then split the orange U section to remove the arms. Re-calibration is done in the app and isn’t difficult. If you’re up for it I can put together some instructions - will be a day or so. Alternatively you can drop off to me and it will take me about half an hour max to replace it. …rob