Roadmap for the future

Do you have a roadmap for the future improvements?

We don’t at the moment as we’ve recently launched V2 which included lots of new features - public sketchbooks, machine subscriptions, web sockets, Scratch etc. We’re likely to just do small incremental changes where they make sense for a while so we can see the reaction to all of the new things we’ve put in. if you’ve got any specific ideas though do let us know…

Ok fine. What about the implementation of the g02 gcode command?

Yes, I’ll put that in the next version. There are a few features that are in 2.0.4 but aren’t documented yet so those will be documented also.

One example is M28/M29 that allow you to store a drawing in your Line-us. When you’re in ‘Red Mode’ pressing the button will draw the drawing. In fact the Rooster drawing that was on the postcard with your Line-us is already saved in all of the machines so if you go into Red Mode and press the buttons it should draw the Rooster for you.

There’s also a Webserver running on the Line-us, so (assuming you haven’t changed the name of your Line-us type http://line-us.local into a browser and you’ll get things like MAC address, calibration info etc.

If you want to try saving drawings the commands are:

M28 Sn (where ‘n’ is the file number you want to save to, the rooster is in file 1 so M28 S1 will overwrite it)

Then, any Gcode will be saved to the file instead of being drawn.

M29 will close the file.

M30 Sn deletes file n

M20 lists the files