Stereo 3D drawings

I have been playing with 3D stereo drawing with Line-us. I can get them to come up to 80mm above the paper and about 40mm below. I am using Red/Green glasses and coloured pens, it is called anaglyph stereoscopic pictures.
All you need to do is draw one image with Line-us using a red pen, then move Line-us about 2mm to the right or left, swap to the green pen and send the same drawing again. Lots of tricks too, if you draw a single picture or lots of dots in black next to red/green images it really helps the 3D.

The trick was to find the right glasses and matched pens, went through loads! I found Red/Green work best.
Sabilo Pen 68/29 pink
Sabilo 68/033 green

If enough people want to try it out I am happy to sell some sets to play with. Let me know.