VECTOR line drawing

Hello, I have been using my Line -us for a few months, but I would like to use it to draw a vector motif. I would like to ask how I can use my line -us to draw a vector stroke, saved in EPS orSVG or PDF …
There is a system for importing a vector drawing into the line -us app. It would be very important to me to be able to use the robot arm to draw on different materials, but I need you to draw a very precise path.

Hi Gus, Give the SVG plotter a try.

Dear Rob
I tried the program you recommended. and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ABOUT PROGRAMMING. I’m afraid to break line-us … I was wondering if it was simply printing a drawing inside the app, or if there was another app that would allow me to easily print a graphic sign, not a drawing that I do at the moment. Striving to make sense of the LINE _US not only of play … but also productive … it is also a reasoning about the sustainability and constructiveness of the object.

Can you help me ?
do you know a simpler app ??