Want to be a beta tester for the Line-us app?

We’ve been working hard over the last three months to add some really exciting features to the Line-us app and we’re now ready to start testing.

If you’re interested in testing, just post a reply with your Line-us user name (click on the Login tab and it will say something like Currently logged in: rob if you can’t remember) and we’ll add you to the tester list. To begin with we’re just testing with iOS, but if you’re on Android, Mac or PC you’re welcome to reply and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to test with the other platforms.

Here’s what we’ve added:

  1. Public drawings. See what other Line-us users have been drawing by clicking on the blue dot in the drawing space. You’ll see the latest drawings by the Line-us community. Use the ‘Search’ box to search for a specific user, or you can search on Sketchbook name. The Published button is for featured collections of drawings.

  2. Link your Line-us machine to a specific Sketchbook using the Follow button. The light on your Line-us will blink red when there is a new drawing - just press the button to draw it. (update the firmware on your Line-us to enable this feature)

  3. Scratch support - control your Line-us directly from Scratch. (update the firmware on your Line-us to enable this feature)


Will the scratch also work from raspberry ?

I haven’t tested from a Pi but it should work just fine. Do give it a try and let me know if there are any problems.

Hi Rob, can I be added for the android version when available?
User name ddoes
Cheers David

Hi, I’d like to test this please! I’m interested in designing my own sewing patterns and my Dad suggested this little robot could help do that! Be interesting to see anyway :blush:

My username is Hellsbelle

Will do - shouldn’t be too much longer.

Hi Hellsbelle, Do you have a Line-us already or are you just wanting to test the software? If you just want to take a look at the software you can get it from this link. if you have a Line-us and want to try the new version of the app send me an email at rob@line-us.com with the email address you use as your Apple ID and I can add you to the testers list. - thanks, …rob

I would like to be a beta tester if it is still available. (andreasfreeman)

Hi Everyone, Just a very quick note to say that V2 of the Line-us App has now been released across all of the platforms (iOS, Android, Mac and PC). Thanks very much to all of you for testing, and for all of the feedback you gave - it’s a huge help.

Hope you’re all enjoying the new V2 features, …rob

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Now Line-us app is much much better than before. Thanks for making and connecting.