Web sockets stops working after 6 commands


I’m using web sockets to connect to my Line Us, and send movement commands with GCode. The movements work, and I receive an ‘ok X:1000 Y:750 Z:0’ after each command. But after usually 6 commands, it stops responding. Any ideas? I’ve checked if the socket closes, but it is still open.

You need to read the responses, but it sounds like you’re doing that. Could you share some example code so I could take a look?

Thanks for the quick answer. I found the problem and fixed it. I wasn’t responding with an API response and the browser was limited to 6 sockets. =)

If you’re using Javascript I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the javascript library created by Beardicus. It does a lot of the work for you!

Thanks, it’s a great library. I just wanted to learn it for myself.

I see - just been playing with it. Great fun!

Thanks, there is a good community growing there too.