Working on the simple Processing Plotter Updates

Hi folks, I updated processing Simple plotter to the latest version of Processing.

I am thinking of the following code modifications


It seems that original code flattens all of the path segments even linear ones. As people might be aware Line-Us can do only straight line G-Code, (G00 and G01) lines. So I am thinking of rebuilding the code base of draw() and plot() functions to increase quality of the printing of the straight lines

Fix crash on incorrect IP & NAME communication by adding ping error checking

Fix Aspect ratio “squash” on zoom/rotation of the SVG path

Experiment with speed inprovement while using G00 commands

Anyhow Download processing and execute :slight_smile:

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Great to see activity here, I’ll take a look at this!

Hoping that a moderator / site owner can get rid of the AI spambot @adeele though…

Hi Bareimage,

Sorry, I can’t find the updated code on github you created for the latest version of Processing… Would you mind adding the url link so I can find directly?

Sorry I could not post the links before.

Updates on Segmentation

I’ve been experimenting with the Polygonizer library to minimize the number of segments in the linear path components. I found that the library includes a path optimization component, RG.ADAPTIVE.

To optimize the resolution for plotting, modify the following code:


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if (lines) {

    if (mousePressed) {
      resolution = map(mouseY, 0, height, 3, 200);



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if (lines) {

This change should yield the optimal resolution for plotting.

I haven’t tested this in plotting yet but plan to do so later today. For more information on the Polygonizer, check out this link: Placing points along an Arc using Geomerative Polygonizer and Processing – Louis Christodoulou.

Additionally, the original code creates a single path, which isn’t ideal as it draws connected lines. I’m working on a different approach using objects, but this will take about two weeks as it requires significant code rewrites. In the meantime, I’ll be implementing different Polygonizer modes so users can experiment with various poligonization modes.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.