Friction/Wear on line-us

Been using my line-us this week and it’s been fantastic so far. Really enjoying it. Used it again last night though and noticed there was some friction - seems to be scratching and wearing down quickly - don’t think it was before (image attached). Is that ok? Or should it not be doing that. It’s slightly changed the drawings via vibration through the friction when moving up and down


Hi @samartist Welcome to the forum and great to hear that you’re enjoying your Line-us. Some friction is normal but if you’re using your Line-us a lot, or doing drawings with lots up and down movements of the pen then there are a couple of things to do to help.

  1. You can re-lubricate your Line-us and use a tiny amount of grease on the cam. There are some instructions here on how to do it.

  2. For super-heavy use we have made a small nylon piece that goes under the cam to reduce the friction. You can also use grease on the cam with this.

If you’d like me to send you one of the nylon pieces DM me your address and I’ll pop one in the post to you.