Line-us not connecting - Solid Blue

I have follows the instruction that got my line-us connected to wifi, have logged in and the robot shows solid blue, but not connecting.
I did check the wifi my PC connecting to which is the same as that of the line-us. I clicked on NOT connecting button on the web, and it simply says not connecting and some FAQs.

I have done so with 2pcs already. Can you help me with it please?


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hi, we’re having exactly the same problem, the line-us connected to the wi-fi fine, blue light is solid, but when the computer switches back to the main wi-fi the app only says ‘not connected’…
have to say, this is pretty disappointing for the 12yr old who was super excited to start robot drawing…

  • app running on a windows 10 laptop
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Same. I can connect with my mobile phone but want to use the Line-Us with my laptop (Win10). I tried running the app as admin, reconnected several times and even made it forget my network to repeat the whole process multiple times. Kind of disappointing for a 100€ gadget.

Hi, Sorry you’re having problems. There are a couple of possible causes:

  1. You may need to install ‘Bonjour print services’ - see this post for details. Line-us won't connect We use Bonjour (or more properly MDNS) to locate Line-us and it’s not installed by default on Windows.

  2. Windows firewall my be causing problems - try turning it off when you connect to configure your Line-us. You should be able to turn it back on once you’ve done that. More details here: Can't connect in 'Red Mode' on Windows