Line-us SVG Plotter


I wrote a simple SVG plotter for the LineUs drawbot made with Processing 2.2.1 and Geomerative Plugin.

You can simply open the code in Processing 2.2.1, install the Geomerative plugin (via menu) and run the sketch. Since this plotter is dependent on the SVG functions of Geomerative (flattening and polygonizer) we are stuck with Processing version 2.2.1.

Alternatively you can run the applications for Mac OS and Windows.

Github code

Application interface / keys / shortcuts:

  • drawbot address: a (usually lineus.local in wifi and in setup mode)
  • open SVG: o
  • zoom: +/-
  • move: arrow keys <>
  • rotate: r
  • show lines: l
  • connect Line-Us: c
  • plot drawing: p
  • hide menu: h

Known bugs:

  • The image seems to be slightly skewed on my machine


Had a little play around with this and it it very nice! Thanks for sharing.